Since 1961, the group of professionals, technicians and operators that now conform PATAGONIA VESSELS S.A, has been dedicated to the realization of industrial works and assemblies, throughout the country and in an uninterrupted manner.
Over the years, assembly activities have been complemented by the design and construction of equipment for the most varied processes, execution of basic and detail engineering, technical consulting and advice in general, in order to provide a complete service to the client.
The human group that today composes PATAGONIA VESSELS S.A. is the one that once formed PAYRA S.A.I.C., well-known and prestigious company that has led the sector of capital goods construction and electromechanical assembly for many years.


Our metallurgical workshop is located on the street Magdalena 1843, Villa Domínico, Avellaneda, Bs. As.
The industrial building, built in 1977, is 21 m wide by 103 m long, with exits on the street on Magdalena Street and for the quiet part of the street Centenario Uruguayo, is equipped with two crane bridges, one of two tents of 7.5 tn each, and one with two tents, one of 25 tn and one of 16 tn, with net lift height of 8.5 m. This allows the manufacture of equipment of 5 m high, 5 m wide by 18 m long and up to 50 tn in weight.
It has changing rooms, sanitary facilities, two dining rooms, doctor's office, meeting room, technical and project office, administrative office and workshop office, with a total of 500 square meters, totally recycled in 1996.